About the show

Massage Tools Podcast is aimed at inspiring and informing the Massage Therapy, Manual Therapy,  and Bodywork communities. Whether you’re months or decades into the industry, our goal is to have you walk away with sentiments of “that’s cool”, “I didn’t know that”, or “I’ve got to go check that out”.

Our interviews are with Massage Therapists who are top in the field…but you probably haven’t heard of them. We’re here to remedy that.

The product and gear reviews are geared (see what I did there) to provide you with the information on where to spend your hard-earned money.

Continuing Education reviews might be our most controversial content. Kelly is going to provide his take on the various CE courses he has taken over the years. He’ll highlight the pros and cons, general notes on the system taught, and what integration into practice might look like.

About the host

With over a decade in the massage & bodywork field Kelly brings in a diverse take on the current status of the industry. He has training in traditional Chinese massage, corrective exercise, myofascial massage, instrument assisted manual therapy, and cupping.

He has been fortunate to travel the globe and perform massage therapy with some of the top athletes in the world.

Always a learner, he strives to find the best techniques, tools, and individuals in the industry.