Episode 15: Branding, Logos, and Athlete Sponsorship

This week we have Vincent Bounds of Myology Sport Massage. We discuss finding your brand, where to put logos, and a fairly unique idea of athlete sponsorship. Plus we hit some of our hallmark questions about the massage field. We hope you enjoy!

Find Vince Online:



Show Notes:

0:25 American & European Massage Clinic


0:30 IASTM Lori-Ann Gallant, The Muscular Therapy Institute, https://www.themusculartherapyinstitute.com/

5:40 RockTape (kinesiology taping course), www.rocktape.com

5:50 Perry Nickleston, www.stopchaisingpain.com

25:49 Gary “Gary V” Vaynerchuk, www.garyvaynerchuk.com

31:50 Matthew McConaughey, 2015 University of Houston Commencement Speech

33:29 Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains, www.anatomytrains.com

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