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How to Become a Massage Therapist at the Olympic/Paralympic Games

Have you ever wanted to work with Team USA at the Olympic/Paralympic Games? Have you ever waned to work with a National Governing Body (like USA Soccer or USA Bobsled)? This is the podcast for you!

Our guest is Taryn Pennington of the United States Olympic and  Paralympic Committee and we discuss the Sport Medicine Volunteer Program. We cover the application process, what makes a good applicant, what’s involved in a rotation, and potential opportunities that can arise from participation.

Note: while this is predominately for a massage therapy audience the information is still applicable to Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Physicians, etc.

Sports Medicine Volunteer Program:

If you’d like to hear about our host’s experience at the Tokyo Olympics click here

CEU Review: Myofascial Decompression – Level 1 Online

Check out our review of Myofascial Decompression Level 1 Online course. If you’re a Massage Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Chiropractor, etc considering a cupping therapy course, see if this is right for you.

General Info

Myofascial Decompression has three Level 1 options: Live, Online with a cupping kit, and online without a kit.

Do you have cups? You can probably wait on purchasing their kit.


Chris DePrato, DPT…mostly. What can I say. He’s a clinician, a professor, and a lecturer, so he has public speaking chops. He’s also the founder of MFD, I always like hearing directly from the source when it comes to techniques.


Online. They use the Thinkific platform which a lot of online CEUs have moved to recently. It’s set on rails, so no skipping ahead. You got to follow the course format they established. Only real gripes to hit here, and they’re pretty minor, are:

They need addition views, especiailly close-ups, on some of their videos

They had some sloppy edits on the demos.

Neither are enough to say no to the course, but it’s pretty basic skills to polish up the videos.


coming soon:

Time to Integration

Short answer: it depends. If you’re brand new to cupping, 3 – 4 weeks. If you’re experienced immediate – 2 hours.

Who Is It For?

If you’re an AT, OT, PT, or DC, then I’d say go for it.

Spa/relaxtion-focus massage therapist? Skip it. There are probably better course for you to take that will be more applicable to your work enviroment.

Therapeutic/Sport/Clinical/Medical Massage Therapist? If you’re clients are used to moving during sessions then I’d say go for it.

The course is available for purchase here:

Episode 20: My Tokyo Olympics Experience

Flying solo for this podcast, I talk about my experience at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (held in 2021). I talk about some logistics, the role of massage therapy, the bigger picture, athlete reactions to Games, and of course sushi.

Episode 19: Sport Tools – Wade Alberts

Wade Alberts is back! This time we jump into his Sport Massage experience. We chat about  breaking into sports massage, increasing opportunities with teams, and the importance of communication with our athletes.

Topics: Communication with Athletes, Never Split the Difference,  Breaking into Sport Massage

Episode 18 – Industry Tools – Wade Alberts

This episode features Wade Alberts of Wellness by Wade, LLC. Topics range from CEUs like Active Release Techniques and George Davies courses, plus our most important skill: trust. Available now on all major podcast apps.Edit


Episode 17 – Bob McAtee

This weeks guest is Bob McAtee, owner of Pro-Active Massage Therapy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the author of Facilitated Stretching and Sport Massage for Injury Care. We talk about some of the content from his books, his 38years in the sports massage world, plus a lot of our mainstay questions. Although it’s a bit of a long one, but it is jam-packed with information. Also be sure to check out our bonus episode where Bob and I talk about the anti-icing movement.

Bob McAtee:

Instagram: @bobmcatee

Episode 16 – Irene Diamond

This episode we talk with Irene Diamond, the “Pain Reliever and Mover Improver”. She’s a 2013 Massage Hall of Famer and a triple threat, as a clinical, massage system founder/instructor, and business coach. She shares her journey of joining the massage field and how that helped her develop the Active Myofascial Therapy – Diamond Method. We also talk a lot about the business side…or lack there of… of the massage field. She highlights lots of areas for improvement and there’s tons of actionable advice throughout the episode.

Also she’s offering a free mini business course called “How To Attract Affluent Appreciative Clients” at

Episode 15: Branding, Logos, and Athlete Sponsorship

This week we have Vincent Bounds of Myology Sport Massage. We discuss finding your brand, where to put logos, and a fairly unique idea of athlete sponsorship. Plus we hit some of our hallmark questions about the massage field. We hope you enjoy!

Find Vince Online:

Show Notes:

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Episode 14: Traditional Massage in Modern Times

This week’s guest is Bill Helm. He’s a bodyworker/massage therapist, taoist priest, Chen style Taichi teacher, and our host’s first massage instructor. We discuss Tuina and traditional massage practices and how they fit into the modern world. Plus he delivers some solid advice to anyone in the massage and manual therapy career. We hope you enjoy his no-nonsense sage wisdom.

Find Bill online:



Show Notes:

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Episode 12: Industry AND Sport Tools – Gay Koopman

Gay Koopman, the OG sport massage therapist for adaptive athletes joins us this week. She discusses working with this unique population, her time with Amputee Soccer, and some other special populations she works with regularly. Plus she provides great advice on continuing education, general sports massage, and areas the industry needs to grow.

Please visit to check out videos of Amputee Soccer

Gay Koopman: