Episode 14: Traditional Massage in Modern Times

This week’s guest is Bill Helm. He’s a bodyworker/massage therapist, taoist priest, Chen style Taichi teacher, and our host’s first massage instructor. We discuss Tuina and traditional massage practices and how they fit into the modern world. Plus he delivers some solid advice to anyone in the massage and manual therapy career. We hope you enjoy his no-nonsense sage wisdom.

Find Bill online:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taoistsanct…

Web: https://www.taoistsanctuary.org/

Show Notes:

1:18 Share K Lew (kung fu, chi gung, and Tuina instructor)

1:45 Ida Rolf www.rolf.org

2:50 IPSB – International Professional School of Bodywork (now closed)

17:40 Tai Chi, Push Hands, Aikido

21:00 Sports Medical Acupuncture, Matt Callison https://www.sportsmedicineacupuncture.com/

2 comments on “Episode 14: Traditional Massage in Modern Times

  1. Bob McAtee says:

    This was great interview. Small world moment: I first met Bill in 1982 when I moved to San Diego to study Taoist HEaling with John Davidson at the Taoist Sanctuary, after attending the IPSB massage school branch in Los Angeles! It was great to see and hear him.

    1. Small world indeed! I was very lucky to have him as my instructor. Doubly so to have him on the episode. Thanks for sharing!

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