Episode 4: Industry Tools – Amy Murry

Venturing back to our Industry-based interviews, we bring in Amy Murry. She owns Human Body Work in Olympia Washington. We talk valuable continuing education like Myofascial Decompression, RockTape/RockBlades, and more. She drops insight into business ownership in the time of a pandemic, ethics, and hiring practices. It is all wrapped up with ideas on how the industry needs to, and should, shift in the next few years. She’s such a wealth of info, so don’t miss it.

Amy’s links
Business: https://www.humanbw.com/
Business Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/humanbodyworksoly
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swimmit27
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amymt/

Show Notes

0:20 Aveda Institute

0:40 Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics  https://www.alexandarmassageschool.com/

0:50 Institute for Integrative Nutrition  https://www.integrativenutrition.com/

2:00 Amy’s business: Human Body Works https://humanbw.com/

7:35 Structural Integration https://www.theiasi.net/what-is-structural-integration- 

7:40 Zentherapy https://www.zentherapy.org/

8:15 RockTape/ RockBlades https://www.rocktape.com/medical/education/fmt-blades/

8:55 Myofascial Decompression https://www.cuptherapy.com/

9:12 Whitney Lowe  https://www.academyofclinicalmassage.com/

22:44 Siena Heights University, Massage Therapy Bachelors Degree https://sienaheights.edu/Portals/0/Massage%20Therapy%20Flyer.pdf

25:44 Massage Therapy Research Foundation https://massagetherapyfoundation.org/ 

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