Episode 11: Sport Tools -Tony Poland

We’re back with another Sports Tools segment. Tony tells us about his experience with USA Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, and working the Recovery Center at the 2016 Olympic Games. He gives some great advice on those first few days with a new team. We also talk about Functional Range Conditioning, RockTape/RockBlades, and the Shoulder Sphere.

Episode 10: Industry Tools – Tony Poland

We cover some great ideas in this episode. Tony dives into his philosophy on stretching and its nuances. Plus he tells us about a fantastically simple and powerful drill for develop a better sense of touch/palpation. This last one is huge for students, newer therapists…or anyone who palpates. 

We also talk Z-Health and RockTape Training

Episode 08: Industry Tools – Qiana Thompson

Part 1 of 2 Are you interested in running a six-figure income massage practice? Tune in. We welcome this week’s guest all the way from San Fransisco. We first heard Qiana talk on Maestro on the Mic Podcast (episode 146: Leveling Up as a Massage Therapist) and I knew we needed her on our podcast. We talk about finding being authentic, communication styles, and building a loyal client-base…plus how to take the profession to the next level!

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Episode 7: Sport Tools – Tom Benson

Tom is back! In this segment we get into some depth about working with sports teams. If you’ve got an interest in massage with collegiate and professional teams, or being on a medical team at an international event, there are a some great pearls throughout this episode. If event/team massage doesn’t appeal to you, Tom still delivers advice on his clinical approach…and with 52 years in the industry he’s got it down pat.

Episode 06: Industry Tools – Tom Benson

Please join us as the living legend Tom Benson joins us for another installment of our Industry Tools segment. With 52 years (oh yeah, fifty-two years) he shares a lot of knowledge throughout this episode.

Tom Benson –

Show Notes

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E03: Sport Tools – Kenzie Rogers

Kenzie and I discuss sport massage with athletes/teams at competitions, how to break into the field, plus some fun anecdotes of our experiences. We hope you enjoy!

Episode 4: Industry Tools – Amy Murry

Venturing back to our Industry-based interviews, we bring in Amy Murry. She owns Human Body Work in Olympia Washington. We talk valuable continuing education like Myofascial Decompression, RockTape/RockBlades, and more. She drops insight into business ownership in the time of a pandemic, ethics, and hiring practices. It is all wrapped up with ideas on how the industry needs to, and should, shift in the next few years. She’s such a wealth of info, so don’t miss it.

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Episode 2 – Industry Tools – Kenzie Rogers

Kenzie Rogers, LMT, owns Pro Massage in Auburn, AL.

Join us as Kenzie shares his personal journey on becoming a top therapist and philosophy on how to be on top of your game.

Episode 1 – Industry Tools – Carl Christie

Check out out first episode…
Carl Christie. He’s an Atlanta-based Neuromuscular Therapist. Don’t know what that is? Check out our interview and find out. We also talk about Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT).